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Cyberattacks can attack anyone directly or indirectly

In our modern world, technology is always ahead of us. Sadly, so is cyber crime. The reality is your patients’ data is constantly under siege.  Hackers can get inside your business’ computers and wreak havoc no matter how small or big the size of your practice.  They will steal your patients’ data, dig out your business secrets and/or hijack your entire practice all with a few keystrokes.

Our job is to stop that from happening to you, providing the highest level of cybersecurity for your practice.  Book your consultation with a cyber security specialist today!

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How We Secure Your Practice

Our Cyber Security Services


cyber security specialist - security assessment

Security Assessment

We run a thorough Security Assessment to uncover the weaknesses in your business infrastructure before it gets cyber attacked.

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Vulnerability Scanning

We can assess your servers, systems, networks and applications with advanced scanners that probe for very specific weaknesses known to be exploited by cyber thieves.

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vulnerability scanning
penetration testing

Penetration Testing

We identify vulnerabilities before they result in security breaches and service interruptions. We uncover weaknesses in your operating system, network, applications, improper configurations and even risky end-user behavior.

Penetration Testing is one of the most necessary tests to ensure the integrity of your business data.

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Social Engineering

Our Social Engineering Service is designed to mitigate costly cyber attacks.  We identify issues in the behavior of your employees that may inadvertently result in vulnerabilities and security breaches.

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social engineering cyber security
audit and compliance cyber security

Audit & Compliance

Failure to meet with the latest security compliance requirements may have a negative impact in the optics of your practice. This can result in too high a cost in loss of patients and in opportunities forgone.

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Digital Forensics & Incident Response

If you have been a victim of a cyber attack already, we can map out a response that will help mitigate the damages and move forward with confidence in the future of your practice.

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incident response cyber security
risk assessment cyber security

Risk Assessment

With our Risk Assessment service you will have the right information to make smart decisions regarding your security investments.

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Security Training

Would you be surprised to know the biggest weakness of your systems —of any security system— is your employees? Yes, you heard that right! Employees are often the target of ploys to get malicious code in through their accounts,  logins or emails.

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security training cyber security
security architecture cyber security

Security Architecture & Infrastructure

We provide you with the right security architecture that fosters your practice’s competitive edge and opportunities for further expansion.

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Cyber Security Specialist Ongoing Training

Cyber Security Professional Program
University of Miami/Hacker U

cybersecurity has a direct impact on your business’ bottom line

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